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to provide our customers with the highest quality services and parts, and match that with the best customer service and reliability in the industry.

Our Story

In & Out Smart Repair was founded in 2012 in Lafayette, Louisiana, by John Mike Heroman. John had worked in the consumer electronics industry in the past, and realized that although the need for a reputable, dedicated small electronics repair business was present, no company had stepped forward to take on that role in his area. Brand recognition for this industry had yet to be established. Recognizing this for the huge opportunity that it was, he founded In & Out Smart Repair, a company designed to meet the needs of the modern personal electronics consumer, and one that is quickly becoming the most recognizable brand in small electronics repair.

Within two years, he and his management team had expanded out to five successful stores, and with the demand for growth showing no signs of slowing, he decided to offer Franchise opportunities in late 2014. Over the next few months, ten more successful locations were established, with many more slated to open in the near future.

In & Out Smart Repair focuses on being a one-stop solution for the customer. Repairs are done quickly and professionally on-site, and while the customer waits they can browse many of the most trusted brands of smartphone and tablet accessories carried in store. Should the device prove to not be repairable, our knowledgeable staff can recommend one of our refurbished devices, to get the customer back up and running as quickly and painlessly as possible.

"Your devices are important to us, because they're important to you."

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